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Welcome to FreeRide - An Ashley Gracile TV Series

The '99 Buell Cyclone M2's engine power comes on early and stays strong throughout the rpm range. Handling is great and braking is excellent. If you intend to go unnoticed into the night then this isn't the bike for you.​

We're checking out the classic 1999 Buell Cyclone. The'89 gets a healthy dose of great performance making it even more of a competitor. The Cyclone debuted in 1997 as an urban assault vehicle check it out here​

When you're talking engine displacement... it's hardly ever what it seems. But this classic '99 Suzuki 605 Savage is true to its name with a 652 CC overhead cam four valve single cylinder engine making this a classic Thumper... check it out.​

Ashley Gracile created, developed and produces FreeRide; a 52 episode television series that celebrates today's biker. FreeRide speaks to those who love being on the road... on timeless two wheels. These days classic motorcycle riders are more likely to be professionals who just want the wind in their face and the feel of the open road. 

It’s Solitude. Adventure. Freedom, Fun and experiencing that perfect stretch of road, these are the traits that every biker, no matter what age or bike shares and so does FreeRide. FreeRide thinks that the best place to see the world might just be from the saddle of a rare Harley Davidson.  Our style is much like a rider... laid back and easy. 

FreeRide is motorcycle touring and the lifestyle that goes with it… like Charlie Mahoney’s Indian Motorcycle Day in Campbellford, Ontario or riding with a couple of members of the U.S. Olympic Team through Lake Placid, Corning and the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate New York.  But Ashley Gracile lifestyle TV producer and his production company GPI Content Corporation  wanted FreeRide to be more than just touring.... it’s about bikes too and we have lots of ’em. How to buy classic motorcycles whether its a Kawaski Ninja or a classic Harley from the Sportstr to the Ultra Glide we'll show you.  Not to mention classic Kawasaki, Indian, Buell, BMW, Honda and Suzuki motorcycles plus much more. We rebuild a classic 1977 Triumph Bonneville right before your eyes only on FreeRide. Enjoy some FreeRide right here or search your local TV listings to find out when FreeRide is on TV. But come back here often as we add more and more bikes and tours all the time. So if you're into old bikes saddle up with FreeRide

FreeRide… Informal, informative classic bike TV.

If you're a broadcaster contact our domestic (USA) or international distributors to arrange for a screening of any one of the 52 half-hour episodes of FreeRide, a best in class vintage motorcycle lifestyle TV series created and produced by Ashley Gracile. Released by GPI Content Corporation and available in HD with M&E tracks, FreeRide is a surefire ratings winner and audience pleaser every time it goes to air.

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Ashley Gracile thinks that Honda's '98 Valkyrie looks just like a traditional North American tourer of the day with one huge difference. The big v-twin is gone replaced by the refined 6 cylinder pulled from the Goldwing.