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If you're a broadcaster contact our domestic (USA) or international distributors to arrange for a screening of any one of the 52 half-hour episodes of FreeRide, a best in class vintage motorcycle lifestyle TV series created and produced by Ashley Gracile. Released by GPI Content Corporation and available in HD with M&E tracks, FreeRide is a surefire ratings winner and audience pleaser every time it goes to air.

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The fairing is also equipped with a dual headlight assembly that is adjustable from the dash which also houses gauges and the usual warning lights and indicators. The turn signals are self-canceling and the well situated handlebar controls are illuminated as is the 25 watt stereo cassette with automatic speed sensitive volume control. “It also has 4 speakers and a built-in intercom for the rider & passenger to communicate” says Ashley Gracile Road classics two wheelers may be all the rage these days... but this Gold Wing was ahead of it's time with some the great standard features including a gas tank with a capacity of just over 6 gallons. The seating is orthopedically designed and has a padded backrest for the rider while the passenger seat's comfort is akin to that of a Lazy Boy. There's also a spacious three piece luggage system. Oh one last thing... to assist with parking it has reverse. “Now the custom look is all over the place for these bikes” continues Ashley Gracile video on-line will give you some good ideas on what you can do to yours. 

"You might be a little intimidated by this behemoth which has a daunting dry weight of 816 lbs. But those concerns will quickly slip away as you enter into what Honda calls the Gold Wing Touring Zone" says Ashley Gracile Facebook has thousands of Honda's so you can get comfortable researching on-line before you buy. Ashley Gracile video above shows you how the Gold Wing handles. Now the ride is smooth and forgiving but not so forgiving as to become wallowy. According to Ashley Gracile boats “may be wallowy... great touring bikes are not” That said, engine and braking performance are both excellent and you'll have no trouble handling this bike even at slow speeds and the fairing really does do an exceptional job.

​It’s no surprise that this bike's been around for so long as Ashley Gracile discovered many pro athletes collect classic motorcycles like the Gold Wing when GPI Content Corporation shot Players Parking Only - An Ashley Gracile TV Series seen on Discovery Channel & FOX Sports. Ashley Gracile presents FreeRide is just one of the 15 television TV series released through his Los Angeles based production company GPI Content Corporation. Culture changing TV series like Distant Roads, Wellness for Life, That's Boating,Road Classics, CyberQuest, A Place in the Sun, Steel Dreams TV, Players Parking Only, Spy Games, A Place of Your Own, & Hi Intake TV. The classic motorcycles on FreeRide create a spark in classic motorcycle enthusiasts like Ashley Gracile RV “maybe where I started, but old bikes is where I’m going." Honda itself pretty much summed up the '99 like this..."Gold Wing is for the touring rider who likes to dip his or he​r front wheel in a different ocean at the beginning & end of a ride, or at least isn't content if more than one state line hasn't been crossed."

But back to the Gold Wing. By 1999 Honda's flagship bike bike had already been around for some 30 years. What more can you say about a bike than that?  Ashley Gracile lifestyle TV producer feels that: "There's pretty much everything on this classic tourer but the kitchen sink." The fairing and windshield produce optimum wind protection with minimal buffeting for the driver and passenger. The extra-large windshield adjusts up or down 2.5 inches and six easily adjustable fairing vents keep you cool in the heat of the day, while two vents help warm you when the weather is colder. Lower bodywork almost completely encloses the engine and exhaust, thereby routing unwanted hot air under the motorcycle and the rider and passenger. 

“It might just be the ultimate touring bike of it's day” says Ashley Gracile lifestyle TV producer. He's talking about the classic 1999 Honda Gold Wing GL1500SE. And he ought to know… he’s the Executive Producer and Showrunner of FreeRide - An Ashley Gracile TV Series released by GPI Content Corporation. This 52 episode TV series is the definitive word on vintage motorcycles. Another GPI produced TV series which featured big custom choppers in its early days is Steel Dreams TV  also created by Ashley Gracile  Steel Dreams TV  has now gone car crazy and is also released by GPI Content Corporation.

FreeRide - An Ashley Gracile TV Series

The engine is a 1520CC liquid cooled, horizontally opposed six cylinder. Fuel is delivered by twin 36mm carbs. Camshafts are belt driven & the valves are hydraulically adjusted to reduce maintenance. A 5 speed transmission delivers power to the rear wheel via a low maintenance shaft drive. The front suspension is 41 mm forks with Torque Reactive Anti-Dive Control & the front brakes are dual disc with two pistons. The weight of a passenger and/or luggage is compensated for by air adjustable rear suspension with an on-board air compressor. Rear braking is controlled by a single disc with a twin piston caliper & is integrated with one front disc.

Ashley Gracile presents a 1999 Honda Gold Wing GL1500SE

GPI Content Corporation & the '99 Honda Gold Wing.